Detoxing September weekend in a natural reserve in the Elba Island

Detoxing package in full board plan with guided tours
Explore Tenuta delle Ripalte as an ideal place to purify your body via a multi-sensory path amid air, water, land and fire.

We propose you a detoxing September weekend in the Elba Island with full board plan and relaxing guided tours to explore our marvelous inland.

Walks into the wild nature of Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano (National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago), snorkeling sessions into the pristine sea bottoms of Remaiolo and Cala Stagnone beaches, meditation with breathing exercises as well as natural and locally grown food.
Together we will also find out Calamita mine, famous for its magnetite, a stone renowned for its magnetic force. The magnetism of these stones stimulates the achievement of abundance and prosperity providing a more balanced view of life and helping to sort out emotional issues.
(from Friday 21to Sunday 23 September 2018)

Our accommodation types:
One-room apartment Eucalipti (2 persons), € 250 → € 200 accommodation only
Two-room apartment Querce (2-4 persons) € 276  → € 220 accommodation only
Three-room apartment Ulivi (4-5 persons) € 314 → € 251 accommodation only
Three-room apartment Rosmarini (4-6 persons) € 354 → € 283 accommodation only

plus, besides the accommodation your detoxing holiday includes:

DETOXING PACKAGE € 115 per person 
  • Full board plan at Ristorante della Tenuta, with detoxing menus designed by our Chef de rang Amos Rota and prepared with the vegetables coming from Fattoria delle Ripalte’s vegetable garden. Friday dinner, breakfast, Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast.
  • Guided tour across the Natural Park with a description of the local flora and fauna as well as morning meditation
  • Guided tour to Calamita mine, an opportunity to explore unusual underground landscapes and the life of miners. Flat trail accessible by everyone. Length: 1000 m, 0 meters above sea level, Duration: 50 min.
Imagine all this within a breathtaking panorama, spoil yourself with a detoxing moment of pure wellness.

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